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Browns' TE Harrison Bryant Quotes 4/25/20


On being drafted by Cleveland:

“Obviously, I have had a few teammates from FAU play for the Browns and heard a lot of great things. When I got the call, I was extremely excited and just ready to go up there, go to work and do whatever I can to help the team win.”

On joining a team that plans to frequently use TEs in Head Coach Kevin Stefanski’s offensive system:

“They use a lot of tight ends. Just knowing how Coach Stefanski and his recent play calling years

and the OC’s (offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt) play calling years how they use tight ends, just coming into that situation with some other great tight ends and being able to be in two or three two tight end sets with them, it is going to be a really cool situation and just ready to go to work.”

On if he was a skill player waiting for his moment to break out in high school prior to his transition from OL to TE:

“Yes sir, I always knew I could. My high school coach he was like, ‘I think you should play tight end. I moved to tight end and it worked out for me.”

On joining a group that includes TEs Austin Hooper and David Njoku:

“I am obviously extremely excited to join this group of tight ends and two really, really, really good tight ends. I have watched a lot of tape on Hooper, as well as Njoku. To come in and join this group and just be able to do whatever I can to help produce and make the tight end room successful, I’m ready to do.”

On if what he believes he can offer the Browns and Assistant Director of Scouting Glenn Cook’s comments about his consistency as a pass catcher:

“First off, I feel like that can bring a lot of versatility to the team, lining up anywhere I’m asked and really lining up wherever I need to and whatever I need to do to win and help the team. Really, just developing as a pass catcher on not playing tight end until my senior year of high school, it was really in my freshman and sophomore years [in college] that I really focused on developing, learning how to run routes and become a better pass catcher. A lot of help from my position coaches, the receiver coaches and also the other tight ends FAU – we had a real close bond. One of our other tight ends (Florida Atlantic TE John Raine) who was a really great route runner, I just got to work with him, and he taught me a lot of good things. Now, it has worked out for me.”

On the jump in competition from Florida Atlantic to the NFL:

“I have a really close friend (Bills RB) Devin Singletary. He plays for the Bills now. Had a great rookie year for the Bills. I have been talking to him a lot. For him, he said the biggest jump and the biggest thing, obviously, is just getting used to the different speed of the game. Coming from FAU, we played Ohio State, UCF and some other big team throughout my career. We have had some faster speed of games, but nothing like what I am going to have to prepare for and get used to. I feel like that is the biggest jump is just the speed of the game.”

On his mindset preparing to play Ohio State in college:

“Going into that game, the first game of my senior year, I knew that was the biggest football game of my life to just really help show what I can do and just give myself this opportunity for the next level. Going in, I knew I needed to play well, block well and catch the ball well. I actually had a drop early in the game, but I rebounded well, finished really strong that game and really put some great things on tape that I think helped me out and really helped the Browns make this decision, as well as other teams with just how they looked at me and how people thought of me. A big point in my career was that game.”

On if 49ers TE George Kittle and Chiefs TE Travis Kelce can serve as reference point in terms of the level he could potentially reach:

“In college throughout my four years, I watched a lot of George Kittle tape and really just watching to see how he ran routes and how he just competed. The biggest thing was how he blocked. He is a great blocker. He is really the most complete tight end. I have been mentioned in words and stuff with him. He is the best of the best, and I hope my potential is to someday be like him and be at the level he is. It is just a lot of work coming in and doing whatever I can to get to that level.”

On how his high school coach discovered he should play TE:

“My junior year, we were in a big state final game, and I caught [a pass] on a tackle eligible for touchdown. He could tell I could catch well, and that is when I grew a few inches and lost some weight. That is when he put me at tight end, and it worked out for me.”

On his journey to become the John Mackey Award winner after not being heavily recruited in high school:

“Coming out of high school, very lightly recruited. I got an opportunity at FAU, went there and I knew I had to make the most of my opportunity, and I felt like I did. Winning the Mackey Award last year was just a huge accomplishment to join that list of previous tight end names and all those great tight ends. I definitely felt like I made the best of my opportunity at FAU. Now, I am just looking to make the best of my opportunity with the Browns.”

On former college teammates who have played for the Browns and told him about the team, and if that included former Browns K Greg Joseph and LB Adarius Taylor:

“Yes, sir [with Joseph]. I was not [a teammate with Taylor]. The other two are (former Browns and Cardinals DT) Trevon Coley and (DT) Brandin Bryant. Since [Joseph and Coley] are at their new stops, I have not had too much contact with them, but obviously, a lot of great things about Cleveland, the fans, just the surrounding area and how great of a time they had there. I am just really looking forward to it.”

On the significance of his experience at the Senior Bowl:

“I actually think that was really the most important part of this whole process for me of just going to the Senior Bowl and proving I could compete on that field and I could hold my own on the field with that type of talent. I went there and I felt like I had a great week picking up a lot of things. Actually, my offensive coordinator for the team I was on is actually the offensive coordinator now for the Browns (Van Pelt). I think that kind of had a thing with it and Coach Van Pelt. That was good timing to have, too.”

On being the first tight end from a non-Power 5 program to win the John Mackey Award and if that helps his confidence entering the NFL:

“I would say it does to a point because obviously, it is selected by a lot of people. At the same time, I really get my confidence from just the way I work off the field and preparing every week for the game. I would not say I let the trophy or that accomplishment really give me that much confidence. It is really just how I prepare and train myself to get ready for the game and practice.”

On the impact Buccaneers TE Rob Gronkowski on his career and TEs in general:

“He is one of the best to ever do it, possibly the best to ever play tight end in the league. I was extremely excited when I saw him announce he was planning on coming back. I have watched a lot of tape on him, just like I have watched a lot of tape on George Kittle. I try to pick stuff from every tight end that has had success in the league, just pick little things and really just model my game after the ones who have been the best. He is a character off the field, and he has fun with it. I am not too outgoing or as much as him. I am an outgoing person but not like him. I am just looking to come in and just make a lot of great friends and great relationships in the locker room, like he did, and just have a good time and win a lot of games.”

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