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Browns' HC Kevin Stefanski Quotes 9.2.20


On how much time he has spent talking about roster cuts with Executive Vice President of Football Operations and General Manager Andrew Berry: 

“Quite a bit. We spend a lot of time together talking about a lot of things, but obviously, that is around the corner here. Really good dialogue between Andrew and myself, between Andrew and the coaches, the coaches, and the personnel staff. Really hard decisions are going to be made, and that is a testament to the players that Andrew and his staff have brought in.”

On if he has a philosophy about keeping two or three QBs and if it is any different due to the circumstances of this season: 

“I think we will talk through all that, but at the end of the day, regardless of position, we want to make sure we are just keeping the best players.”

On if he views WR JoJo Natson as more of a returner than WR: 

“I see him as a football player. I think he certainly has the return ability, but there is no shortage of things that we can do with JoJo. We look forward to using them.”

On DE Myles Garrett returning to practice yesterday and if any other injured players are returning to practice today: 

“Myles did a nice job yesterday. He is no worse for the wear. No, I do not think there is anybody else coming back out.”

On special teams coordinator Mike Priefer: 

“Coach Priefer and I go way back. I really have enjoyed spending a bunch of time with Coach Prief. I really can lean on him with his knowledge of the roster with the guys that have been here. Coach Prief is so organized so the two of us sit down and talk a lot about scheduling. Back in the day, Coach Prief was doing schedules for Tom Coughlin in Jacksonville so he is somebody that I lean on in that area, and on a personal level, just thrilled to be working with him again.”

On his recent Zoom meeting with Indians Manager Terry Francona: 

“The conversation went great with Terry and the whole Indians crew. It is always good when we can get together and collaborate. I think it is a special community here that we are looking to help out in any way we can. Obviously, Tito is a stalwart in this city so somebody that I want to get to know.”

On how much emphasis the team has placed on the impact of the return game: 

“When we are putting this plan together and as we are building this team, we are trying to shore up any areas that we thought maybe there were deficiencies and double-down on the strengths. We really want to make sure that our return game is a weapon for us because this is a field position game.”

On if it is difficult to choose between returners with different body types: 

“I think everybody brings a little bit something different to the table. I can tell you that I have seen really big returners in my day – (Bears WR) Cordarrelle Patterson comes to mind – and then there are some of those little guys – (former NFL RB) Darren Sproles comes to mind – that are just hard to get on the ground. I think they come in all shapes and sizes.”

On how his philosophy for roster cuts matches with Berry’s philosophy, particularly as it relates to set numbers for each position groups: 

“I think Andrew does a great job of seeing this thing and having a global view of it. I do not there are any hard-fast number rules on you have to keep X number of players [at a position]. That is why I really believe that every position you just keep the best football players.”

On what he has learned about K Austin Seibert and P Jamie Gillan and which of the two is growing a better mullet: 

“I do not have any expertise in the mullet game. The specialists, they are a different breed. It is kind of like a lot of these meeting rooms when you walk in there, you better be ready. That is a tight-knit group. I think they push each other. I think they are only getting better. Two young guys and (LS) Charley (Hughlett). I really think that it has a chance to be a good group.”

On if it will be difficult to make roster decisions at WR, given the competition during training camp: 

“I hope [decisions on every position] are all difficult. I really do. I think as you look at our roster in total, there are some really good football players and there are some tough decisions to be made. I think Andrew is going to do a great job. We have had those discussions. We pushed back on each other and challenged each other, but I think Andrew will make some really good, informed decisions with a lot of help from the coaches and the personnel group.”

On if the Browns may keep an extra WR on the roster for special teams: 

“You are always mindful of special teams when it comes to this. That kind of goes into you need the best 53 football players, and really in a lot of ways, special teams factors into that, for sure.”

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