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Big East Teleconference #2 - Mike Anderson (St. John's)


St. John’s Head Coach Mike Anderson

On last night’s game versus Georgetown and Saturday’s matchup against DePaul…

 “Well first, its life on the road in the BIG EAST. Georgetown came out for the most part with guns blazing. We came out and we turned the ball over early. They took advantage of it. I think we spotted them 29 points. In the second half, I thought we came out and mounted an attack, but we had such an uphill battle that we kind of ran out of gas. Georgetown played well. It’s probably one of our poorest performances. We have to get better from that standpoint as we get ready to play DePaul that has played well and obviously they’re in search of a win in conference play. We always talk about defending the home court, so we play [DePaul] in Madison Square Garden. It’s a quick turnaround so it’s going to be important for our guys to rest up and get mentally ready.”

On Mustapha Heron since he returned from injury…

“I just think he missed a lot [of time], probably about three or four weeks, and of course I think his timing is off. I think he’s pressing a little bit. He’s probably trying to do too much. I think we have to ease him back into it, and again it’s confidence, obviously, coming off an injury like that and jumping into conference play. The BIG EAST is really, really good and I'm sure he knows that as well as anyone. So we just got to keep trying to get him back in sync. He's got to help our basketball team.”

On limited minutes for Mustapha versus Georgetown…

“Well, it's a team game and you let the game come to you. You don’t have to go get it. Obviously, our guys are aware of what he brings to the table and just do the things that you can do night in and night out. It’s all about the team. We're just trying to obviously get more cylinders clicking and he's an important cylinder on this basketball team.”

On Josh Roberts and Julian Champagnie not playing in the second half…

“I think as we jump into conference play, they have to continue to step up their game. They’ll play. They’re important in what we’re doing. Being in the situation that we were in last night, we just had to have some guys out there that could bring out the physicality and bring a level of toughness that you have to have to compete in the BIG EAST on the road. But those guys will be okay. They’re learning. Julian’s a true freshman. That was his second road game in the BIG EAST. Josh, to me, I still consider him a freshman. We’ve seen what those guys are capable of doing, so hopefully they’ll continue to compete. You have to compete for minutes.”

On what Steve DeMeo brings to the coaching staff…

“Steve obviously is a guy that is known well [in the Providence area]. He’s been an assistant in the BIG EAST and he’s been very instrumental helping us navigate the BIG EAST and the recruiting. He brings a wealth of knowledge and I’m glad he’s on our team.”

On his impressions and the depth of the BIG EAST…

“We saw it during non-conference play and I think it’s carried on into conference play. On any given night, any team can beat anyone. We’re sitting at 0-3 yet we’re not that far off. You watch the game last night and you might say we are, but I just don’t think we are. You have to have short-term memories with the wins and the losses and you have to be ready to battle every night. I think the [BIG EAST] is one of the best leagues in the country and you have some outstanding coaching. You’re seeing it right now we’re kind of beating up on each other, so hopefully it continues and it puts us in position to help many [BIG EAST teams qualify for] postseason play.”

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