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Big East Releases 2019-20 Schedule

NEW YORK, NY - The Big East Conference has released the 2019-20 conference schedule for the 10 teams within.

According to the league officials, and office, this campaign will mark the first time in their television deal that FOX Networks will broadcast more games than any other conference. The deal includes CBS Sports as well.

Directly from the Conference and Release:

2019-20 BIG EAST Men’s Basketball Composite Conference Schedule

Monday, December 30                   Time (ET)                 Network

Xavier at Villanova                          6:30                          FS1

Seton Hall at DePaul                       8:30                          FS1

Tuesday, December 31

Georgetown at Providence             5:30                          FS1

Butler at St. John’s (CA)                  7:30                          FS1                           

Wednesday, January 1                  

Marquette at Creighton                 TBD                          CBSSN

Friday, January 3

Georgetown at Seton Hall              9:00                          FS1

Saturday, January 4

Creighton at Butler                         Noon                        FS1

Providence at DePaul                      2:00/4:00                 FS1

Villanova at Marquette                  2:00                          FOX/FS1

Sunday, January 5

St. John’s at Xavier                          Noon/4:30               FOX

Tuesday, January 7

Providence at Marquette               7:00                          FS1

Villanova at Creighton                    9:00                          FS1

Wednesday, January 8

St. John’s at Georgetown               6:30                          FS1

Seton Hall at Xavier                        8:30                          FS1

Friday, January 10

Butler at Providence                       9:00                          FS1

Saturday, January 11

Georgetown at Villanova (WF)       Noon                        FS1

DePaul at St. John’s (MSG)             Noon                        FSN

Creighton at Xavier                         2:00                          FOX/FS1

Marquette at Seton Hall                4:00                          CBSSN

Tuesday, January 14

DePaul at Villanova                         8:30                          FS1

Wednesday, January 15

Seton Hall at Butler                        6:30                          FS1

Creighton at Georgetown               6:30/7:00                 CBSSN

Xavier at Marquette                       8:00                          FSN

St. John’s at Providence                  8:30                          FS1

Saturday, January 18

Seton Hall at St. John’s (MSG)        Noon                        FOX

Butler at DePaul                              1:00                          FSN

Marquette at Georgetown             2:00                          FS1

Providence at Creighton                 4:30                          FS1

Tuesday, January 21

Butler at Villanova                          7:00                          CBSSN

St. John’s at Marquette                  9:00                          FS1

Wednesday, January 22

Georgetown at Xavier                     6:30                          FS1

Providence at Seton Hall                8:30                          FS1

Creighton at DePaul                        9:00                          CBSSN

Friday, January 24

Marquette at Butler                       9:00                          FS1

Saturday, January 25

Villanova at Providence                  1:00                          CBS

St. John’s at DePaul                        2:00                          FS1

Sunday, January 26

Xavier at Creighton                         4:00                          FS1

Tuesday, January 28

Villanova at St. John’s (MSG)         6:30/7:00                 FS1

Butler at Georgetown                     9:00                          CBSSN

Wednesday, January 29

DePaul at Seton Hall                       6:30                          FS1

Marquette at Xavier                       8:30                          FS1

Saturday, February 1

Xavier at Seton Hall                        11 a.m.                     FOX

Creighton at Villanova (WF)           Noon                        FS1

Providence at Butler                       2:00                          FS1

DePaul at Marquette                      2:00                          FSN

Sunday, February 2

Georgetown at St. John’s (MSG)    1:00                          CBS

Tuesday, February 4

Xavier at DePaul                              9:00                          FS1

Wednesday, February 5

Villanova at Butler                          6:30                          FS1

Creighton at Providence                 7:00                          FSN

Seton Hall at Georgetown              8:30                          FS1

Saturday, February 8

DePaul at Georgetown                   Noon                        FSN

Seton Hall at Villanova (WF)          2:30                          FOX

Providence at Xavier                       8:00                          FS1

St. John’s at Creighton                    TBD                          CBSSN

Sunday, February 9 Butler at Marquette                       Noon                        FS1

Wednesday, February 12

Creighton at Seton Hall                  6:30                          FS1

Xavier at Butler                               6:30                          CBSSN

Providence at St. John’s (CA)          8:30                          CBSSN

Marquette at Villanova                  8:30                          FS1

Saturday, February 15

Georgetown at Butler                     2:30                          FOX

DePaul at Creighton                        7:30                          FS1

Seton Hall at Providence                8:00                          CBSSN

Monday, February 17

Xavier at St. John’s (MSG)               6:30                          FS1

Tuesday, February 18

Creighton at Marquette                 8:30                          FS1

Wednesday, February 19

Butler at Seton Hall                        6:30                          FS1

Providence at Georgetown             8:30                          FS1

Villanova at DePaul                         9:00                          CBSSN                         

Saturday, February 22

Marquette at Providence               Noon                        FOX

Villanova at Xavier                          2:30                          FOX

Georgetown at DePaul                   9:00                          FS1

Sunday, February 23

St. John’s at Seton Hall                   2:00                          CBS

Butler at Creighton                         4:00                          FS1

Tuesday, February 25

DePaul at Xavier                              7:00                          CBSSN

Wednesday, February 26

St. John’s at Villanova                     6:30                          FS1

Georgetown at Marquette             8:30                          FS1

Saturday, February 29

Providence at Villanova (WF)         Noon                        FOX

Seton Hall at Marquette                2:30                          FOX

DePaul at Butler                              6:30                          FS1

Sunday, March 1

Creighton at St. John’s (CA)            Noon                        FS1

Xavier at Georgetown                     2:00                          CBS

Tuesday, March 3

Marquette at DePaul                      8/9:00                      FS1

Wednesday, March 4

Xavier at Providence                       6:30                          FS1

St. John’s at Butler                          7:00                          CBSSN

Georgetown at Creighton               8:00                          FSN

Villanova at Seton Hall                   8:30                          FS1

Saturday, March 7

Villanova at Georgetown                Noon                        FOX

Marquette at St. John’s (MSG)       Noon                        FSN

Seton Hall at Creighton                  2:30                          FOX

DePaul at Providence                      6:30                          FS1

Butler at Xavier                               8:30                          FS1

CA – Carnesecca Arena, MSG – Madison Square Garden, WF – Wells Fargo Center

The BIG EAST Tournament at Madison Square Garden

March 11        First Round Doubleheader                7:00                 FS1

March 12        Quarterfinal Doubleheader               Noon               FS1

                        Quarterfinal Doubleheader               7:00                 FS1

March 13        Semifinal Doubleheader                    6:30                 FS1

March 14        Championship Game                         6:30                 FOX


FOX Broadcast Network Schedule

Dec. 7              Florida at Butler                                 Noon

Dec. 14            Syracuse at Georgetown                    1:00

Dec. 21            Kansas at Villanova (WF)                   Noon

                        Texas at Providence                           2:00

Jan. 4               Villanova at Marquette                     2:00*

Jan. 5               St. John’s at Xavier                             Noon/4:30

Jan. 11             Creighton at Xavier                            2:00*

Jan. 18             Seton Hall at St. John’s (MSG)           Noon

Feb. 1              Xavier at Seton Hall                           11 a.m.

Feb. 8              Seton Hall at Villanova (WF)             2:30                          

Feb. 15            Georgetown at Butler                        2:30

Feb. 22            Marquette at Providence                  Noon

                        Villanova at Xavier                             2:30

Feb. 29            Providence at Villanova (WF)            Noon

                        Seton Hall at Marquette                   2:30

March 7          Villanova at Georgetown                   Noon

                        Seton Hall at Creighton                     2:30

CBS Sports Schedule

Jan. 25             Villanova at Providence                     1:00

Feb. 2              Georgetown at St. John’s (MSG)       1:00

Feb. 23            St. John’s at Seton Hall                      2:00

March 1          Xavier at Georgetown                        2:00

All times are Eastern.

*May air on FS1.       

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